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I do not tolerate trolls, moles and tattle tales. 

If you think I deleted you by accident, let me know. 

If you want to be my friend, read my profile first.  Enter at your own risk.

If  you want to see what new jewelry I've listed, and know when my awesome sales are, go to my website here.  Sign up for my monthly newsletter.  I do not sell or give away email addresses, and I won't spam you.  I promise!
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Here's your chance to boss me around - after all, I work for YOU. 

Send me an email and tell me what you want to see, what you're looking for, and what you think is lacking in steampunk accessories.  In exchange for your valuable input, I'll send you your very own coupon code for 50% off of your next order, with NO expiration date.  You can even give the code to a friend as a present.

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If you are going to unfriend me, at least have the courtesy of PMing me and letting me know how I managed to piss you off.

I'm still getting posts from you, and when I try to respond it says "friends only", and won't let me say anything.  That's just plain rude.

If you don't like my politics, my parenting style, or what side I part my hair on, that's cool.  I'm a grownup, I can deal with it.  Just have some internet manners, OK?  
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Our Mission is to End Identity Politics in America forever. We desire a society based on the content of ones character and NOT race nor the color of ones skin. With our message, we are ready to combat the NAACP, the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons and the Left, who profit from tearing America apart. We are Pro-America!! If you are like minded and believe in our mission then join us.

We need to maintain the Soul of America. We must be proud of our Great Country. We must defend the values that make us exceptional. Our organization is not driven by hate but by LOVE. Love of God, Love of Family and Love of Country! However we must Unite against the forces that thrive upon racial divide.

The concept of a colorblind* society is build upon the teachings of our greatest thinkers. As Thomas Jefferson once articulated, “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal…” Here at NAACPC we live our lives by those words. We believe that race is an institution designed to keep like minded citizens apart and separate. The institution of race has given us racism, social and political segregation and numerous barriers both physically and psychologically. The NAACPC stands strong behind the belief that there are no differences in people relative to skin color.


*OK, I totally bristled at the use of the word "colorblind", but I agree so much with the basic ideas of this that I'm going to look past it.  I understand why I they used it, I just wish they had found a more effective and accurate term.  
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The cost of war, the oppression, the blockades, the starvation and poverty and shortages and... oh, it's just too horrible to bear.  Don't take my word for it, read for yourself.



Jun. 30th, 2010 01:44 pm
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A friend of mine just posted this first hand account of the G20 riots.  It's long, but it deserves to be published far and wide.


Please cross post freely.  (Freely?  Oh, the irony.) 
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My house has (the most amazing) sun room, but the ceiling windows are totally caked with pollen and dust. I wouldn't be surprised if there were traces from the Iceland volcano up there. The windows are so dirty the squirrels will actually walk on them, where as they would never walk on clean glass. (Their little instincts tell them that it's not solid and that they'll fall.) Sometimes I even see raccoon prints in the dirt. Birds are starting to peck around up there, too.

The tippy tappy toenail sounds make me think it's suddenly raining, or possibly even hailing. At this time of year in Seattle that's entirely possible. If the dogs see something on the glass roof they will go absolutely bonkers, which in turn drives me bonkers. On the other hand, the dirt does help screen out some of the extra UV rays and keeps it from being GLARINGLY BRIGHT when the evil orb of doom sun comes out.  Watching the critters scoot around on the glass is pretty amusing, too.

On the other hand again, it looks pretty cruddy and gross up there.  There is something really weird about the glass.  No matter how hard it rains, the dead leaves and pollen never wash off, it's like it's all glued up there.  I can only afford to get the windows cleaned once a year.  Should I get the windows cleaned now, or should I wait until winter after all of the leaves have fallen?  One more thing, there's a huge pear tree that overhangs the roof.  I know that come late summer there will be over-ripe pears splatting and rotting on the ceiling.  The landlady is too cheap to cut the tree back, and I don't have the skills or tools. 

Pics after the cut:
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It was "Lights" by Journey. I was living near San Francisco at the time, and the song was just so perfect, so sweet and melodious, and absolutely sing-along-able!

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