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Wow, talk about March Madness.  I've been meaning to get this newsletter out for WEEKS, but something always comes up.  It will be worth the wait, though.  I have over 50 new items listed, both steampunk and mori girl / lolita styles.  A bit of Victorian romantic, too!  Rings now come in Plus and Petite sizes, ranging from size 3 to 14.  I have some stunning hat pins listed in the "Hats" section", new earrings in all sections, and bracelets and necklaces galore.  Here's just a tiny taste of what's in store.
As usual, SUPER image heavy! )

Low on funds?  Me too.  Still, I'm always open to trades.  Corsets, boots, jackets, fabric, trims, old watches,clock gears and vintage jewelry are always on my list.  I'm especially looking for someone who can do SEO consulting and help me with my Google ad campaign, and some help with creating a few new banner ads for ProjectWonderful.  Screw the Man, let's barter!

Contact me at
Rivkasmom.com to place an order, or email me directly at Rivkasmom@gmail.com. 

Now, here's what you've all been waiting for.  This month's coupon code is MADMARCH, and it's good for 20% off your entire order.  Expires 3/31/2011 
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Happy Thanksgiving!
25% off Special.

Lots of new items have been added to my site, especially rings, necklaces and bracelets.  There are many more items to be added over the next few days, so keep checking back. 

Click the pics to go directly to that item's description.

Gifts for the gents, tie clips, pins and cuff links galore.
Don't know what to get?  Get a gift certificate!

Use coupon code STEAMCON to get your discount.
Exceptional accessories and one of a kind steampunk designs for men and women. 
Custom orders a specialty.  http://www.Rivkasmom.com
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Pink not your thing?  No worries here!   100% of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. 

Bid this up for a good cause!  

Check out all of the other cool auction items that have been gathered by the amazingly big-hearted Donna Ricci of Clockwork Couture.
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But the new MakersMarket site is coming along nicely!

I've already had one sale so far, and I'm really excited about this project. They're hoping for a mini-launch next week. I sure hope they get the layout fixed before then, the text blocks are still all over the place.

Do me a favor? Go take a look, and if you find any site bugs or things you just want to complain to Heather about, email help@makersmarket.com. She really appreciates the feedback.
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I'm so excited I could pee my pants! :-O

Obviously, they are totally in Beta mode, but WOW! The people behind BoingBoing and Make Magazine are starting a new venue that is INVITATION ONLY AND TOTALLY CURATED! Holy cow, it's a dream come true. It's going to be a completely targeted audience of steampunks, mad scientists, geeks, nerds and other techno minded folks. They promote REALLY heavily, and they give you tools to link to YouTube, Flickr, etc and they don't care if you promote your own website!

No twee, ironic crap need apply. :-D
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From now until December first, I am offering 20% off, storewide. No coupons, not codes, just order and enjoy the savings! I have over 80 new items listed this week (whew, I've been busy!) so come take a look around. :-)


Happy Holidays!

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