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Serious weather changes going on, gusty wind and rain.  OWIE!

Rivka, STFU.  I do not want to make you pancakes right now.  There is perfectly good chicken and rice on the stove!  I do not want to teach you how to make pancakes.  I don't want to hear about pancakes.  I do not want to hear about what types of things people put on pancakes.  I do not want to help you find pancake mix.  I do not want you to eat syrup with a spoon.  Yes, you can have cookies for dinner, just GO AWAY!  While you're at it, turn down the TV.  No, I don't want to make you oatmeal. OK, fine. I have to get up and find my Imitrex.  Now that I'm up I'll make some oatmeal.  No I don't want to guess which packet you chose. I don't really care.  Just give me the packet!  (So help me G-d, if you take two bites and then tell me you're full, I'm going to have a coronary.)  No, you cannot change your mind and have scrambled eggs.  Chicken and rice, or oatmeal. 

Oh dear lord, when is this Imitrex going to kick in?

*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

ETA:  Rivka didn't want to finish her oatmeal (of course).  The Imitrex always makes me feel like I'm going to throw up, so it was good that I had some oatmeal to keep my pill down.  Blargh.
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How would you like a trip to Disneyland, or Hawaii?  Don't feel like traveling?  How about a diamond bracelet and matching earrings?  Other prizes include an Xbox w/ Kinect, a Sony Blu Ray system and many more goodies that have been donated at the last minute.

All proceeds go to Torah Day School of Seattle.  This is a very young school, only in it's 4th year.  Already it's grown leaps and bounds, and the love that the principals and staff show the students is absolutely priceless.  We rely on a lot of donors to keep the school going, and the economy has hit even our top supporters pretty hard.  Every penny you can spare would be a big help.

Tickets are only $18.00 each and you can secure yours by sending money through Paypal to Rivkasmom@comcast.net  I'll fill out your info on the ticket stubs and make sure that they get put into the drawing.  I'll be at the award dinner this coming Sunday to claim the prize for you and let you know that you've won.

Thank you! :-D
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The weather was absolutely perfect, not too hot, not too cool, slightly overcast but not cloudy. After yesterday's blustery wind and cold, it was such a relief!

Rivka had a sleep over at a friend's house, and was due back around noon. That meant that I had a quiet night and I got to sleep in this morning. She was supposed to go to her dad's today, and I was going to get into some of my new jewelry supplies and start designing some new pieces.

HA! Man plans, G-d laughs.

Rivka decided that she didn't want to go to her dad's , she wanted her friend to come over and spend the day here. Well, that was OK with everyone, so we changed plans. Her friend is an incredibly sweet girl, so I figured "no problem" I'll still get my work done.

Then the friend's older sister shows up, with some of the girls from the Bas Mitzvah Club. They want to take the dogs for a walk. Um, ok, no problem. Then, they come back and want to give the dogs a bath. What idiot would say no to that? I give the girls a stack of towels and the dog shampoo. At this point, I figure I'm not going to get any jewelry made today.

I get Rivka and her friend and we go out to the front yard, which is in desperate need of weeding. I show them what horsetail looks like, and turn them loose. I get to work on the dandelions and stray grass. We're merrily working along, when the older girls decide to leave before I put them to work in the yard (standing around hanging out is not allowed at my house!).

After a bit, the friend's older brother shows up, and wants to help with the yard too. He goes home to get the weed whacker and comes back to trim up the parking strip and the side yard. I've promised everyone some of my famous homemade strawberry sorbet, so they are really working hard - I feel a bit like Tom Sawyer with the fence painting.

I keep telling myself that I should not pull weeds for more than an hour a day. It hurts like crazy, but every time I try to quit there's one more dandelion just out of reach, and it's taunting me. And the next one, and the next one, and another hour goes by. The dogs are chasing each other in the back yard, the kids are cracking me up with cuteness. A fat robin comes over to grab a stray earthworm, and I'm loving the smell of fresh turned earth and slightly crushed artemesia leaves. Everywhere I'm surrounded by bright tulips and columbine, and I'm discovering more little surprises sprouting up everywhere. Another hour goes by. I realize that I'm going to be paying for this, but I really don't care.

Everyone took a break for sorbet, and then the girls decided that they had done enough gardening, so they rode their bikes up and down the block. Rivka has never been allowed to go to the end of the block and back before, so this was a VERY big deal. She felt so grown up in front of her friend, who is a year older.

As it got close to supper time the Bas Mitzvah girls came back to collect the kids. There was much mayhem with cleaning up toys and tools, collecting bikes and helmets, and trying to secure promises that they can come over and do it all again tomorrow. It's funny, when I was in school I was the biggest geek, and now I'm the coolest person EVAR!

Finally, I had the house back to normal, and the yard looks 100% better. I got Rivka fed, in the bath, read a story and tucked her in. I think she was asleep before I left the room. Both dogs are passed out and snoring. I just took two Tylenol #2s, and I am about ready to fall asleep myself. I just wanted to get this all down while it was fresh.

If today were the last day of my life I couldn't think of a better way of spending it. Baruch Hashem.

PS: I just realized that my nose is slightly sunburnt. Note to self, buy sunscreen.

Busy Day

Jan. 21st, 2010 09:03 pm
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This morning, Daisy pooped on the rug by the front door. Rivka's carpool was early, and as she was running to get her shoes she stepped in it, so she had to change her tights, making everyone in the car wait.

I spent three hours at the doctor's office today. My doc is switching me from Depakote to Lamictal, and raising my Zoloft to 200mg, and tapering off my Buspar. I'm VERY nervous about Lamictal. Everyone tells me that it's a miracle drug, and that I should at least try it. There's just this one, very rare side effect - every once in a while someone breaks out in an allergic rash with a 35% fatality rate. Great, just great. I swear, I get so much as a mosquito bite that looks funny, and I'm running straight to the emergency room. No joke.

The next hour I spent in the financial aid office filling out paperwork. I can finally get my teeth cleaned, YAY! Now, for the great hunt for a doctor in the system that does general sedation. I may have to pay for that out of pocket, maybe not, but it's a necessity. The following hour was spent waiting for my prescriptions to be filled, and then waiting for my ride home. It's a good thing I always carry a good book with me.

While I was at the clinic, I left a message for Rivka's doctor to call me about evaluation and IEP. We'll see what she says.

Rivka came home from school, and we read and did homework together for an hour. There was much whining, but I pushed right through it. In the end, I think Rivka was a bit relieved that I didn't cave to her tantrums. She seemed much happier, although she still complained about having a headache.

I have a partial solution of her exercise problems. I just got a new bed, so I put the old mattress on the floor in my bedroom. I let Rivka jump on it, and she has to count to 100 while she does it. Since she's having trouble with counting too, this is great! I keep her company and help her when she gets stuck on what number comes next. She counted to 100 twice tonight! Two of the girls in her class go swimming on Wednesdays, so I'm going to try to get Rivka signed up and see if she can carpool with the others. I've been meaning to get her swim lessons anyway, and she really wants to do it. I don't think she can handle organized team sports right now.

As I tucked Rivka into bed, I asked her if she was worried about anything. She said that she was worried about reading. I said "Well, you know you're a smart girl, right? You're not stupid." and say said "I know that, but my brain keeps telling me that I AM." I just wanted to cry. I told her that some people have different ways of learning things, and we just need to figure out what kind of ways will work best for her. I promised her that I'd be there to help every step of the way, and that it would get better (bli neder, with G-d's help).
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The night after our first RH services, someone tried to break into our synagogue. A screen was ripped off and a window forced open. Thank G-d the aron kodesh was locked! This is just a few days after the synagogue was spray painted with Nazi graffiti.

The next morning, I was asked by our shul's security committee if I still had my weapon and carry permit (I need to get that renewed).   We're asking the Va'ad for a heter that anyone can carry on Shabbos, regardless of eruv status. We have a lot of former IDF (and a few Mossad) vets at our shuls, who always carry. They are going to be teaching gun safety courses for anyone who wants them. I'm looking forward to target practice, but sorry that it's come to this.

In other news, I broke my toe.  On my right foot, the toe next to the big toe. I was at Rabbi T's house, helping move chairs around to accomodate some extra guests.  I stubbed my toe, but didn't give it another thought.  It really started hurting on the walk home.  By the time I got home, it was swollen up and getting a bit purple.  I still just thought that it was maybe jammed or bruised.  The next day it still hurt to walk on.  I doesn't hurt at all when I bend my toes down, but any pressure at all from the bottom pushing up is sharply painful.

I have it buddy taped for now, and I'm trying to stay off of it as much as possible.  Keeping weight off of the toe is going to throw my back out and make my muscle spasms worse.  At the moment it's an annoying throb, and I keep wanting to stretch my foot out and flex my toes.  It's like having an itch you can't scratch.

Of course, moving with a broken toe is not my idea of a good time.  Still, the cockroaches are getting more numerous on a daily basis, and they're giving me incentive to get packed up.  Now that Rivka is in school, she's remembering how nice it is to play with good kids.  She has very little patience for the shenanigans that go on around here, and she tells me she can't wait to get away from the "bad kids".  I'm so happy that she's come to that conclusion on her own.

Still, I'm going to miss Ida, my neighbor across the hall.  She's a trip.  She chain smokes 3 packs a day, she's quite elderly, and she's African American.  She has several paragraphs from the bible tattooed down both of her arms, and if you ask her how she's doing she always says "I"m blessed, I gotta testify!"  Every time I see her she's wearing a different wig, and she drinks beer like it's water.

Her health is not good, so I made sure she has my phone number if she needs anything.  Her daughter lives all the way down in Tacoma, and just lost her job so she doesn't have the gas money to visit as much as she'd like.  If I'm around, I always help Ida bring in her groceries.

Today, Rivka figured out that Ida had health issues, so she got all her friends together and had them make cards for her.  She wasn't home this afternoon, so they pushed the cards under her door.  My kid can be so sweet sometimes.
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There is a girl in my apartment building who is African American.  She's a bully, and likes to follow the other kids around and insult them.  She'll tell the other kids that their clothes look stupid, that they're fat, a fag, etc.  The other day she told my daughter that she "Had ugly yellow hair".  Rivka, completely not aware of the impact of her words, told her "I don't like brown people".  The AA girl's grandma over heard, and freaked the hell out.

I ended up spending nearly a half an hour over there apolgizing my ass off and explaining to Rivka about how we can have a problem with the way people behave, but NOT the way people look.  We judge people by their actions, and that's the ONLY thing we address.  I also remided her of all the other "brown" people in her life that she loved, and how it would hurt their feelings if they ever heard her say something like that.  (Rivka's best friend in the whole world is black/hispanic, and her mom and I take turns babysitting.)

The next day, the AA girl told Rivka that she "Was an ugly whitey yellow head, and not a human".  Rivka just bit her tongue and walked away.  

It really pisses me off that this girl gets a free pass. 
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OK, to start with, I'm not one of those parents who believes that "My little princess would never do anything wrong".  She's a normal kid, of course she's going to do stuff wrong!

There's these 5 year old twins, and on 7 year old in the building who came to me and told me that Rivka shoved one of the twins and called her "ugly".  I asked them if they were sure, and all three of them insisted that they saw it.  Rivka got called over and scolded, and she burst into tears and told me that they were lying.  I had three witnesses, so Rivka got grounded for the rest of the day, and all the while she protested her innocence.

A few weeks later, the same three girls come over and tell me that Rivka did such and such (I don't remember).  I reminded Rivka to be nice, and that if they had a fight then she should apologise and go do something different.

Then the other day, I overhear the girls standing near my window, whispering "What can we get Rivka in trouble for THIS time!"  The little brats were planning on how to get her grounded!  Now, when they come running to my door all breathless with their latest tale of woe, I tell them "Don't play with Rivka if she's not being nice to you.  Go do something by yourselves, then she'll learn that she has to cooperate if she wants to be your friends.  Just stay away from her, THAT will teach her!"

Well, they can't really figure out how their plans got so derailed, so they just have to wander off, looking vaguely confused.  In a minute or so they've completely forgotten whatever imaginary slight they'd cooked up. 

I have no idea why these girls hate Rivka so much, especially the twins.  When we first moved in they'd stand and spit on our sliding glass door and swear at us in Spanish.  THAT stopped when I spoke to their mom about it, IN SPANISH.  The older girl runs hot and cold, and treats Rivka just fine when the twins are not around.

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