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I do not tolerate trolls, moles and tattle tales. 

If you think I deleted you by accident, let me know. 

If you want to be my friend, read my profile first.  Enter at your own risk.

If  you want to see what new jewelry I've listed, and know when my awesome sales are, go to my website here.  Sign up for my monthly newsletter.  I do not sell or give away email addresses, and I won't spam you.  I promise!
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Ring in the New Year!

Did Santa have trouble reading your handwriting?  Did the Hanukah Fairy pass you by? 
Maybe your Bubbe gave you extra gelt, and you just don't know what to spend it on. 
Oh no, did you forget to buy a present for your third cousin twice removed? 
It's not too late to have a happy holiday at Rivkasmom!
Sparklies behind the cut! )Sparklies behind the cut! )Sparklies behind the cut! )
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Go to this post, click the link, and then go to Paypal. 


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I just wrote this to a woman on a different forum, who wanted to know what to do about her insecurity about her looks.  I figured I'd cross post it here to save.  Let me know what you think.~~~

From the ages of 14 to 18 I was a junior's size runway model. (I obviously didn't grow up frum! LOL)  My agent was awesome.  She knocked sense into our heads early on.  She used to be a star model for Oscar de la Renta.  She told us "No matter how pretty you are, or how thin you are, someone will always be prettier or thinner.  Get used to it.  Remember, in this business you are nothing but a glorified clothes hanger, and you can all be easily replaced!  Don't go getting stuck up, you're just as human as anyone else."

I realized that if G-d forbid something were to happen to my looks, like an auto accident or something, that I'd better have some value inside of me in order to keep my friends.  Looks can be taken away from you in a split second, but no one can take away your middos, your loving nature, and your love of Hashem.

My daughter sometimes compares herself to other girls, and she asks me who I think is prettier.  I tell her that this friend looks exactly the way Hashem wants her to look, and that DD looks exactly the way He wants her to look.  We are all who we are, because that is who we are supposed to be!

As far at "attractiveness" goes, I know some really knockout beautiful women, who have no so nice middos or a sour attitude about life.  After that two second first impression, you get to realize that they're not so pretty after all.  I also know some very plain, overweight, frumpily dressed women who LOVE LIFE, and always run to help others.  They're genuinely happy to see you, have a big smile and a warm hug.  Those are the women who are truly beautiful.  

There is nothing more attractive than a woman - in any sort of "packaging" - who is truly happy.  Being beautiful won't make you happy, but I promise you that being happy will make you beautiful.  Like everyone else said, work on your attitude, middos and emunah, and next thing you know, you'll be walking down the street glowing, with your head held high and a smile on your face.  When you look in the mirror, you'll love who you see - because Hashem made you, and has loved you all along.
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Here's your chance to boss me around - after all, I work for YOU. 

Send me an email and tell me what you want to see, what you're looking for, and what you think is lacking in steampunk accessories.  In exchange for your valuable input, I'll send you your very own coupon code for 50% off of your next order, with NO expiration date.  You can even give the code to a friend as a present.

Pics and contact info here :-D )

ETA:  LJ is having random trouble with linkage.  Try cutting and pasting www.Rivkasmom.com
Sorry for the inconvenience!
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I am so, SO annoyed with Albertson's grocery store.  Beyond pissed, actually.

They stopped putting their day old bread on sale.  They are the ONLY kosher bakery in the whole state, and I depended on the sale bread to cover my grocery budget.  I can't afford five dollars for a loaf of bread, but 99 cents is doable.  I would stock up on everything they had on sale, and throw it in the freezer for days when I was too exhausted to make my own bread.  It's been a life saver for me.  I went a bit ballistic at the employees.

The woman in the bakery department told me that "We're giving it away to the needy."  I stared at her and said "I AM THE NEEDY!"  and gave her a nice long rant about the economy and the state of my finances.  She said "It's a corporate decision.  You can complain, but it won't change anything."

Then I found the general manager, and gave him the brunt of my wrath.  He said "It's for charity, it's a good thing!"  I told him "How many Orthodox Jews are homeless right now?  There are dozens of major bakeries who give truckloads of goods to charity, they don't care if it's kosher.  This is the ONLY kosher bakery, and you're taking that away from us?  Many of us go out of our way to support this store, and we depend on the sales to help make ends meet.  Because I can't get affordable bread, now I have to look at my list and see what I have to put back on the shelves.  This is BAD BUSINESS for you.  I can get kosher food delivered to my door step, and for much cheaper.  There are fewer and fewer reasons for me to drive halfway across town to shop here at all.  You are losing a customer, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way."  He just handed me a complaint slip and shrugged.  Corporate decision, ya know.  What can you do?

To make matters worse, there is only one brand of cake mix that is dairy free, and my daughter is allergic to diary.  They used to carry a dozen different flavors of this brand, and now they only carry two.  All of the dairy mixes are much less expensive. I was happy to buy the more expensive ones, and now I can't even do that!

Their kosher section gets smaller every time I go, and I couldn't even get myself a candy bar because it was $4.99 and out of my budget.  At that price, it would taste like eating ashes.  Don't even get me started on 8.99 for a tiny jar of almond butter! 

I was so angry that when I came home I ranted to Aryeh about it for quite a while, and then made 4 loaves of my own damn bread (which came out awesome. I should knead in anger more often.)  

I will never, EVER go back to Albertson's again, until they start realizing that Jewish people go out of their way to shop there, and that we have financial needs too.

In the meantime, AffordableKosher.com and NWKosher.com do door to door deliveries, as does Amazon and Safeway.  SPUD is a great place to get organic produce (spendy) but OMG their food is gorgeous!  You can also get dairy free soy yogurt there which is awesome.
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If I ever find out who sent a nasty email to Miranda using a spoof email with my username, you are on my sh*t list for LIFE!

She's been through enough already.  There is not enough "Not f*cking cool, dude." to express how angry I am right now.
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Wow, talk about March Madness.  I've been meaning to get this newsletter out for WEEKS, but something always comes up.  It will be worth the wait, though.  I have over 50 new items listed, both steampunk and mori girl / lolita styles.  A bit of Victorian romantic, too!  Rings now come in Plus and Petite sizes, ranging from size 3 to 14.  I have some stunning hat pins listed in the "Hats" section", new earrings in all sections, and bracelets and necklaces galore.  Here's just a tiny taste of what's in store.
As usual, SUPER image heavy! )

Low on funds?  Me too.  Still, I'm always open to trades.  Corsets, boots, jackets, fabric, trims, old watches,clock gears and vintage jewelry are always on my list.  I'm especially looking for someone who can do SEO consulting and help me with my Google ad campaign, and some help with creating a few new banner ads for ProjectWonderful.  Screw the Man, let's barter!

Contact me at
Rivkasmom.com to place an order, or email me directly at Rivkasmom@gmail.com. 

Now, here's what you've all been waiting for.  This month's coupon code is MADMARCH, and it's good for 20% off your entire order.  Expires 3/31/2011 
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I am offering an intricate brass and copper filigree necklace, accented with a brass clock gear. Suspended from a Chinese silk neck cord with intricate knotwork. The necklace adjusts from 16 to 18 inches long, with a bead and loop clasp. Perfect for people with metal allergies, who can't wear chains!

Start the bidding wherever you like, and bid from the heart. <3  Handmade by Grace at Rivkasmom.com.

Thank you!

Please place your bids here http://community.livejournal.com/help_japan/4185.html?view=2938457#t2938457 (scroll down a couple entries)
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Well, I wasn't able to adopt Miss Lilly, she went to another home.  Tomorrow morning, I'm headed down to Portland, and I'm going to get this guy!

Look at that face!  Isn't he handsome?  <3 <3 <3

I can't wait to meet him, I've been counting the days all week. :-D
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I just found out that my friend Miranda has been in a really bad car accident.  http://darkestwoods.livejournal.com/66840.html

Long story short, she has a pretty major concussion, with very serious memory loss.  She has a one year old and a three year old, and she doesn't even remember having them.  The doctors are not sure if her memory will ever come back, they think she may have lost 3 to 5 years worth of her memories. 

I can't even imagine.  I'm crying as I write this.

Please pray for Miranda, and her children, and her parents who will be taking care of them.  They all need so much help, healing and light right now.
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Serious weather changes going on, gusty wind and rain.  OWIE!

Rivka, STFU.  I do not want to make you pancakes right now.  There is perfectly good chicken and rice on the stove!  I do not want to teach you how to make pancakes.  I don't want to hear about pancakes.  I do not want to hear about what types of things people put on pancakes.  I do not want to help you find pancake mix.  I do not want you to eat syrup with a spoon.  Yes, you can have cookies for dinner, just GO AWAY!  While you're at it, turn down the TV.  No, I don't want to make you oatmeal. OK, fine. I have to get up and find my Imitrex.  Now that I'm up I'll make some oatmeal.  No I don't want to guess which packet you chose. I don't really care.  Just give me the packet!  (So help me G-d, if you take two bites and then tell me you're full, I'm going to have a coronary.)  No, you cannot change your mind and have scrambled eggs.  Chicken and rice, or oatmeal. 

Oh dear lord, when is this Imitrex going to kick in?

*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

ETA:  Rivka didn't want to finish her oatmeal (of course).  The Imitrex always makes me feel like I'm going to throw up, so it was good that I had some oatmeal to keep my pill down.  Blargh.
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How would you like a trip to Disneyland, or Hawaii?  Don't feel like traveling?  How about a diamond bracelet and matching earrings?  Other prizes include an Xbox w/ Kinect, a Sony Blu Ray system and many more goodies that have been donated at the last minute.

All proceeds go to Torah Day School of Seattle.  This is a very young school, only in it's 4th year.  Already it's grown leaps and bounds, and the love that the principals and staff show the students is absolutely priceless.  We rely on a lot of donors to keep the school going, and the economy has hit even our top supporters pretty hard.  Every penny you can spare would be a big help.

Tickets are only $18.00 each and you can secure yours by sending money through Paypal to Rivkasmom@comcast.net  I'll fill out your info on the ticket stubs and make sure that they get put into the drawing.  I'll be at the award dinner this coming Sunday to claim the prize for you and let you know that you've won.

Thank you! :-D
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This recipe is brought to you by me cleaning the kitchen to see what I have.

1 can of Cream of Mushroom soup
1 can of water (or milk if you have it)
2 stalks of wilted celery from the back of the veggie drawer
A handful of stale tater tots or hash browns
1 small package of smoked salmon (about $3 or $4 worth)

Optional - A few tablespoons of sour cream

Dump soup in non stick pot, add water.  Wash and chop celery, add to pot.  Dice salmon and add to pot.  Add  the potatoes, cover, and heat over lowest setting for an hour or so. (This works great in a crock pot, too.)  Stir and taste.  It's even better the next day, with Saltines crumbled on top.  Fresh ground pepper is nice, too.

You can also add diced carrots or frozen peas if you have them, and serve over buttermilk biscuits. 

Feeds two adults as a main dish, or four if you add a salad and dessert.
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If you've ever wanted to go to Israel, but haven't gotten there yet, these pics are really lovely.  No politics, just the land itself.  Since Hebrew is read from right to left, the arrow to go to the next page in the album is on the bottom LEFT.  Pour a cup of tea, put on some nice music, and enjoy.

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1.  If you are going to unfriend someone, have the decency to PM them BEFORE you unfriend them.  Don't leave them hanging, and then come back with some lame ass excuse "Oh, I meant to send you a message, I just got busy."  Bullshit.  If you have time to unfriend me, you have time to tell me why.

2.  Why is it so freakin' hard to scroll past something that doesn't interest you, or you disagree with. I'm not always fascinated by your posts either, but you don't see me getting in a tizzy over it.  You'd think I'd curb stomped a puppy or something.  You're really going to throw out an otherwise good friend over a post? 

3.  Who ever is sending screen caps or whatever behind my back, knock it the frack off.  I don't need your help, thanks anyway.

4.  Save the drama for your llama.  This includes discussing my personal life in other people's journals.  Get a life of your own, this one is taken.

5.  If anyone out there is on the fence about unfriending me, this would be a good time to go for it.  You get a free pass, my Christmas present to you.  Don't worry about explaining anything, just do it.  If you stick around, I'm going to assume that you've read my profile and that you have at least a modicum of interest in my life.  Otherwise, have a great day, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.
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This woman needs our support! 
Dr. Hawa Abdi runs a hospital in Somalia and stands up to extremists there.
stands up to extremists there.  )Please click the link to Vital Voices, and give what you can.  Big thanks to Larry Lennhoff for bringing this to my attention.

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