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My very, very picky daughter LOVE this recipe.  This reheats really well and makes awesome leftovers.  We ate it for a week and never complained. 

Spanish Chicken with Green Olives
It's good over rice, or with a side of crusty bread to soak up the tomato juice.

If your chicken is frozen, no worries.  Run hot water over it so you can get the wrapper off, and then throw it in the crock pot.  Just add a few extra hours to the cooking time, or make it overnight. 

Put chicken in crock pot with two cans of green beans, or 4 cups of frozen green beans.  Add a can of chopped tomatoes (not sauce) and some oregano and garlic.  On top of it all, add 1/4 cup of brine from the olives, and a couple dozen green olives sliced in half.  It's especially good if they have the pimentos inside.

Simmer for a few hours until the chicken slides off of the bone.  Best of all, only one pot to wash! ;-)

Try it with pot roast, too.
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Why are people so threatened  by success?  Because they are afraid that  you are going to judge them and hold them to the same standard that you judge yourself by.  Because they are afraid that they might actually be expected to move out of their comfort zone, and give up some of their security blankets like pity, drugs, excuses or other coping mechanisms.  Because if they are going to fail, they want company, they don't want to be left behind all alone.

I have heard to much negativity in the past few months, it's just unreal.  Some of it comes right out of left field, from people who I'd least expect it from.  Fortunately, I'm able to see that it's only a reflection of their own insecurities, and has nothing to do with me personally.  I'm very proud that I've become strong enough to realize that and not give up.

When I first started this diet, a friend told me "You look fine just the way you are."  (That's nice, I get that a lot.)  22 pounds later, the SAME friend, when I tell her I went from a size 14 to a size 12, says "Well, at your height you shouldn't be more than a 10."  WTF?  I feel scrawny and unhealthy at a size 10, and I'm quite happy at a 12.  This friend had lap band surgery, lost 100 pounds, and gained it all back within two years. 

I could go on, but I'm sure that anyone who's tried to undertake anything challenging can tell similar stories.  It doesn't matter if you want to move to Europe, open a new business, or remodel your house, someone, somewhere, is going to be threatened by it.  They are going to NEED to give you negative feedback because the very survival of their self identity depends on it.  

Try not to judge them for being negative.  Most people don't even realize when they are doing it (I'm just worried about you.) or they don't know why they are doing it.  It's like explaining water to a fish, so don't bother. It will only make things worse.  Just take their comments and treat it as their concern for you, and leave it at that.

Now, once in a rare while you will find a really emotionally healthy friend or partner who "gets it", and will be your cheerleader and support.  CLING to them and tell them how much you appreciate them.  They are worth more than all the gold in the world and you can trust them with your life because you know that their concern for you is coming from a positive, selfless place. 

Sometimes you may have to go to an online support group, because people who know you and have to see you in real life can't be as objective, and are more easily threatened.  Online people are every bit as valid and valuable as allies, and you should nurture those relationships just as much as if you were sitting over a cup of real coffee with them. 

If you're going to try the HCG Protocol, this group is really, really wonderful. http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgvanillaforum/  
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Walnuts are a migraine trigger.  Bummer! 

My body is SO not ready for wheat, if ever.  I had 1/4 of a whole wheat bagel yesterday, and today my belly is all swollen and gassy. :-(  Everything else I ate yesterday was pretty good as far as diet goes, so it had to be the bread.  

My weight is staying stable at around 150, give or take a pound.  I'm still hoping to drop 5 more pounds over the next few weeks.  I have to remind myself to eat, because if I don't get enough calories my metabolism will get too slow again.  I just don't get so hungry!  

I've been doing a lot more walking, and really enjoying it a lot.  I hope to keep that up, at least a few miles every other day, and then going to daily when I feel like I don't need to recuperate in between.  Fall and winter are so mild here, and the rain is so misty, that I can take an umbrella and walk the park trails almost all season long if I really want to.  

I still can't believe how fast I recovered from that lower back injury last week.  Normally I'd be down for ages, but I've bounced back quickly.

I'm sleeping really well, so I've tapered down to 1/4 of a Lunesta tablet at night.  I'm getting sleepy earlier, sleeping all night, and waking up in a good mood.  Anyone who has ever had the displeasure of dealing with me in the morning (any time before noon - and two cups of coffee) can tell you that this is nothing short of miraculous!

You know those soft cookies with the thick frosting and sprinkles on top?  I had a TINY nibble off of one, and I mean tiny like the size of a pinkie nail.  It was so sickly sweet and gross, I had to spit it out and have a huge drink of water!  I thought I was going to throw up for a second.  I can't believe I used to eat those things.  I'm cringing right now just thinking about it.  Eeeeeew!

On the other hand, Dryer's Slow Churned ice cream, with no sugar added, is total crack.  OMG LOVE!  It still has all the delicious fat, cream, egg yolks, etc. but no processed sugar or corn syrups.  They use a combination of sugar substitutes, and I cannot tell the difference at ALL.  The butter pecan flavor is to absolutely die for.  I ate a whole gallon over the course of three days.  I think that this is something that I may have to have around only for special occasions. ;-)
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Down another 1.5 pounds without even trying!  Cheese, eggs, avocado, blueberries, salmon, peaches, melon, salad dressing, baked chicken with the crispy skin on (yum!), hamburger patties, mustard - so far, no reactions. :-D

Apparently, my body is wanting to head down to 145 (only 5 more pounds to go!) so I won't have to do another round of shots unless I start gaining again.  Hopefully I won't over do it on a trigger food and mess up my metabolism.  That's really the only way that you'll gain the weight back.

Something interesting that I've learned - turkey is REALLY bad for your diet.  It's very lean and high in protein, but the tryptophan will slow down your metabolism and keep you from burning off the calories.  Who knew?

I can't wait for the 9 Days to be over, because I am in serious need of wearing my new size 12 skirts.  
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This phase of the diet (P3) is where you stop doing the injections, and start resetting your hypothalmus.  You are basically lowering your set point to lock in your current weight.  This phase lasts about three weeks.  In this phase, you get NO starch whatsoever, no challah, not a single cracker crumb.  Watch out for starchy vegetables, too.  No processed sugar, and moderate fruit intake.  Other than that, you can eat all the meat and non-starch veggies you want, tuna, salmon, etc.  It's actually a little weird to not have the restrictions anymore.

I started adding in more calories so that I'm eventually getting (according to my weight) around 1600 to 1700 a day.  The exact amount is not important, as long as I don't gain more than two pounds over my Phase 2 lowest weight.  Most people stay stable at this weight, and a few people continue to lose weight as their metabolism shifts.  My sister lost 7 pounds on P3 without even trying.  I just lost 2.3 pounds over the weekend.

It's important to get out and get some exercise, if you haven't been doing it by now.  I've started trying to do more yardwork and housework at the very least, and weather permitting I try to go for a two mile walk every day.  I feel AWESOME! I'm sleeping so well that I'm going to try tapering off of my sleeping pills.  Those little buggers are expensive.

Today, I put on a skirt that just barely fit me two months ago.  I zipped it up all of the way, and it hung down on my hips.  I gave it a little tug, and it was on the floor!  The skirt literally fell off of me.  I am officially no longer a size 14.  I'm starting a pile of clothing that needs to be taken in at the waistband.  :-D  I treated myself to a trip to Goodwill to get a couple of cute size 12 skirts.  I still didn't trust that they would fit so I had to try them on.  I was so amazed when they fit perfectly.  Ironically, I also found some really gorgeous skirts that I would have loved to buy, but they were size 14!  The thrift store fates, how they mock me.

Now, I have a few weeks to decide if I want to cycle back to Phase 2 and do another round of shots for 21 days, and try to lose 10 to 15 more pounds, or do I want to just continue at 1600 calories and daily exercise and see if I can get the last few pounds off that way. If I decide to not do another round, then I go straight to Phase 4, where I slowly, SLOWLY start adding in new foods, constantly checking for weight gain, fibro pains, migraine triggers, exhaustion or IBS symptoms.  In this regard, it is exactly like a food allergy diet.  
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We went to the kosher pizza place for Rivka's birthday.  Since my last weigh in I was at 156.8, I figured I'd go off for a day, and I had two slices of pizza.

Two delicious, greasy, cheesy, starchy slices of NOM NOM NOM goodness.

Now, this may be a total coincidence, it may be the power of suggestion, or just maybe it might be related, but I have a really nasty headache right now.  

I still want to lose another 10 to 15 pounds, so I'm going to keep doing this diet for another two weeks or so.  I'll get back on track and see what's going on with this headache.  Like I said, it may be coincidence, but if at the end of the program I add wheat or dairy back into my diet and get another headache, I'll have a better idea of what's going on with my body.

Oh pizza, why do you have to taste so good?  WHY?!
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Anywho, it's been what, a couple of weeks or so?   158 pounds, woo hoo!  My clothes already hang much better on me, and the fat roll on my back and sides is almost gone. :-D

I'm not doing the shots on Saturday because of Shabbos, but WOW do I ever get hungry!  By seudah sleshit I broke down and had a piece of whole wheat banana cake, and it was HEAVENLY!

Grocery-wise, this is proving to be very expensive.  Good quality food is not cheap, even if you're not doing organics or locally grown.  I'm pretty low on finances right now, and it's so tempting to just live on all the pasta and rice I have stored up in my cabinets.  It's cheap, it's filling, it's shelf stable, and the food banks will give me all I can carry.  You can't say that for mustard greens or asparagus, never mind kosher meat.

I couldn't afford to get a roast ($8.99 a pound) and slice it up like I did before, so I got some extra lean hamburger ($4.99) and turkey burger instead.  I love cooking with it because it's so versatile.  I still worry about the extra fat content though.  I seem to have stalled out at 10 pounds loss, so I'm wondering what I need to do to kick start it to the next level.  I'm getting out and doing a lot more gardening, so that's a good start.  Next, I'll start walking the dogs more often, and farther distances.  Lord knows the puppy needs to get worn out more often!  Maybe he'll stop chewing everything in sight.

My fibromyalgia pain has gone from a daily average of (on a scale of 1 to 10) about an 8 to a 2 or even a 1!  It's really unbelievable.  I can't remember the last time I was in this little pain.  Even after doing hours of heavy pruning and hauling, I was just tired the next day, but NOT SORE!!!  How the heck does that happen?  I can actually see a future for myself again. 

It's scary to get your hopes up like this.  What happens when you stop taking the HCG, does the pain come back?  There aren't any long term fibro studies, so I don't have any way of predicting.  I wonder what happens if you stay on a tiny maintenance dose forever?  If I could control my pain, I would have no problem doing daily shots for the rest of my life.  Did I mention that I haven't had a migraine in two weeks?  It seems like more than anyone could hope for, and yet there it is.  I guess only time will tell.
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I am still not weighing myself every day.  That step isn't so important until you start transitioning into the maintenance phase.  Still...

From 167.5 to 161.8!  Woo Hoo!  :-D  If I put my hands down to my sides, my thighs actually feel a bit less lumpy.  

Far more important, it's been raining off and on for the past two days, and I have not been getting those pains that feel like a dull knitting needle being jabbed into my joints and under my shoulder blade.  I'm actually getting some housework done today (I found out I have kitchen counters under all that clutter!)  Since I'm not stocking up on boxed foods and cake mixes, I think I'm going to clear out a cabinet near my shipping area and turn it into extra storage for office supplies.

I came up with a yummy dessert recipe.

200 grams of fat free cottage cheese
A squeeze of fresh orange juice
A dash of cinnamon
Splenda, Xylitol or Stevia (optional) to taste.  I left it out.
1/2 cup of fresh strawberries, diced into 1/2 inch pieces.

Mix well and refrigerate overnight.  It will taste exactly like a blintze, but without the wrapper.  The cottage cheese will replace one of your 100 gram meat/chicken/fish servings.

One of the things that really worried me about this diet is that I am very hypoglycemic, and if my blood sugar gets too low I will get very shaky, confused and lightheaded.  I only had very minor lightheadedness a couple of times, and a slice of apple fixed me right up.  When I was eating lots of carbs, I'd get serious blood sugar swings almost daily.

TMI about poop... )

A tip about the injections.  I'm getting to be quite the pro at this, and I swear if you do it right you'll have to really watch to make sure that the needle actually went in - because you're just not going to feel it.  Mosquito bites hurt far worse than this.  Some people have reported that the medicine can hurt a bit if you take it straight out of the fridge.  Forget holding it in your hands for a few minutes, I have a much better idea.    Stick the syringe full of HCG (cap on!) under one of your fat rolls, or under one of your boobs.  In just a couple of minutes it will be the perfect body temperature. :-D

My daughter comes into my office last night, hugs me and says "Mama, you you have a headache?"  I say "No, why do you ask?" and she says "WHAT?  It's pouring rain outside!  You always have migraines when it rains!"  and then she starts smiling and jumping up and down.  If that's not a reason to stick to 500 calories a day and getting shots, I don't know what is.

Diet Day 2

May. 26th, 2010 10:16 pm
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The second shot hurt a tiny bit. I may have hit a nerve. So far, I'm a tiny bit shaky from not having carbs, but that's to be expected in the first two to three days.

Lunch and dinner were NOM! Being an old hand at bento making really helps here.

For lunch, steamed swiss chard and thinly sliced steak (dry pan fried and cooked rare), mixed with the pan juices, a bit of water and a dash of soy sauce. It made a very lovely Japanese type soup. Cucumber salad on the side, made with cucumbers, lemon juice and some dill. Simple, fresh and easy.

Dinner was a salad of fresh spinach, strawberries and a dash of balsamic vinegar. On top of the salad was sliced, grilled chicken breast. I'm enjoying how "bright" the flavors taste, and the colors are so pretty!

For dessert I'm going to have an apple, and then go to bed before the late night munchies can get to me. I tend to binge eat on carbs and sugar after 11pm. I'm hoping to break the cycle. My sister swears that after a week or two I won't even WANT carbs and sugar. I'm finding that hard to believe, but I'm willing to give it a try.
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I mixed up the solution and did my first injection. The needle hurt less than when I pluck my eyebrows. The medicine does not sting or burn AT ALL. Completely painless. :-D I kinda like the idea of shooting diet meds right into my belly fat, it's very psychologically satisfying.

I am so hoping that this will help my fibro and arthritis. The weather changes have been so horrible lately, and I can't live on codeine forever. Lately I've been starting to feel like Dr. House!
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OK, I didn't think that anyone would really care, but since several of y'all have shown interest, I'll bore you with the details.

I never would have given this a second thought, but the other day I saw my sister for the first time in two years. I had to do a double take, she looked AMAZING! We both have always had health problems, fibromyalgia, rosacea, IBS and weight issues, as well as massive sugar and wheat cravings (possibly due to systemic candida and/or wheat allergies). Anyway, I've never seen her look so healthy - her eyes were sparkling, she said that she didn't ache anymore, and that she had tons of energy. She's lost almost 60 pounds since January.

I only need to lose about 20 "vanity pounds". If that were it, I'd say "screw it" and keep eating my chocolate and ice cream. What I REALLY want is to not be in so much pain. You know you have a problem when you put on a jacket, reach into the pocket and pull out a Tylenol #3. It's especially bad when you realize that this is not the first time that's happened, and that it's been happening more and more often lately.

So, anyway
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I'll probably wait until after Shavuos so I can eat a half a cheesecake first. ;-)

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