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Anywho, it's been what, a couple of weeks or so?   158 pounds, woo hoo!  My clothes already hang much better on me, and the fat roll on my back and sides is almost gone. :-D

I'm not doing the shots on Saturday because of Shabbos, but WOW do I ever get hungry!  By seudah sleshit I broke down and had a piece of whole wheat banana cake, and it was HEAVENLY!

Grocery-wise, this is proving to be very expensive.  Good quality food is not cheap, even if you're not doing organics or locally grown.  I'm pretty low on finances right now, and it's so tempting to just live on all the pasta and rice I have stored up in my cabinets.  It's cheap, it's filling, it's shelf stable, and the food banks will give me all I can carry.  You can't say that for mustard greens or asparagus, never mind kosher meat.

I couldn't afford to get a roast ($8.99 a pound) and slice it up like I did before, so I got some extra lean hamburger ($4.99) and turkey burger instead.  I love cooking with it because it's so versatile.  I still worry about the extra fat content though.  I seem to have stalled out at 10 pounds loss, so I'm wondering what I need to do to kick start it to the next level.  I'm getting out and doing a lot more gardening, so that's a good start.  Next, I'll start walking the dogs more often, and farther distances.  Lord knows the puppy needs to get worn out more often!  Maybe he'll stop chewing everything in sight.

My fibromyalgia pain has gone from a daily average of (on a scale of 1 to 10) about an 8 to a 2 or even a 1!  It's really unbelievable.  I can't remember the last time I was in this little pain.  Even after doing hours of heavy pruning and hauling, I was just tired the next day, but NOT SORE!!!  How the heck does that happen?  I can actually see a future for myself again. 

It's scary to get your hopes up like this.  What happens when you stop taking the HCG, does the pain come back?  There aren't any long term fibro studies, so I don't have any way of predicting.  I wonder what happens if you stay on a tiny maintenance dose forever?  If I could control my pain, I would have no problem doing daily shots for the rest of my life.  Did I mention that I haven't had a migraine in two weeks?  It seems like more than anyone could hope for, and yet there it is.  I guess only time will tell.
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The weather was absolutely perfect, not too hot, not too cool, slightly overcast but not cloudy. After yesterday's blustery wind and cold, it was such a relief!

Rivka had a sleep over at a friend's house, and was due back around noon. That meant that I had a quiet night and I got to sleep in this morning. She was supposed to go to her dad's today, and I was going to get into some of my new jewelry supplies and start designing some new pieces.

HA! Man plans, G-d laughs.

Rivka decided that she didn't want to go to her dad's , she wanted her friend to come over and spend the day here. Well, that was OK with everyone, so we changed plans. Her friend is an incredibly sweet girl, so I figured "no problem" I'll still get my work done.

Then the friend's older sister shows up, with some of the girls from the Bas Mitzvah Club. They want to take the dogs for a walk. Um, ok, no problem. Then, they come back and want to give the dogs a bath. What idiot would say no to that? I give the girls a stack of towels and the dog shampoo. At this point, I figure I'm not going to get any jewelry made today.

I get Rivka and her friend and we go out to the front yard, which is in desperate need of weeding. I show them what horsetail looks like, and turn them loose. I get to work on the dandelions and stray grass. We're merrily working along, when the older girls decide to leave before I put them to work in the yard (standing around hanging out is not allowed at my house!).

After a bit, the friend's older brother shows up, and wants to help with the yard too. He goes home to get the weed whacker and comes back to trim up the parking strip and the side yard. I've promised everyone some of my famous homemade strawberry sorbet, so they are really working hard - I feel a bit like Tom Sawyer with the fence painting.

I keep telling myself that I should not pull weeds for more than an hour a day. It hurts like crazy, but every time I try to quit there's one more dandelion just out of reach, and it's taunting me. And the next one, and the next one, and another hour goes by. The dogs are chasing each other in the back yard, the kids are cracking me up with cuteness. A fat robin comes over to grab a stray earthworm, and I'm loving the smell of fresh turned earth and slightly crushed artemesia leaves. Everywhere I'm surrounded by bright tulips and columbine, and I'm discovering more little surprises sprouting up everywhere. Another hour goes by. I realize that I'm going to be paying for this, but I really don't care.

Everyone took a break for sorbet, and then the girls decided that they had done enough gardening, so they rode their bikes up and down the block. Rivka has never been allowed to go to the end of the block and back before, so this was a VERY big deal. She felt so grown up in front of her friend, who is a year older.

As it got close to supper time the Bas Mitzvah girls came back to collect the kids. There was much mayhem with cleaning up toys and tools, collecting bikes and helmets, and trying to secure promises that they can come over and do it all again tomorrow. It's funny, when I was in school I was the biggest geek, and now I'm the coolest person EVAR!

Finally, I had the house back to normal, and the yard looks 100% better. I got Rivka fed, in the bath, read a story and tucked her in. I think she was asleep before I left the room. Both dogs are passed out and snoring. I just took two Tylenol #2s, and I am about ready to fall asleep myself. I just wanted to get this all down while it was fresh.

If today were the last day of my life I couldn't think of a better way of spending it. Baruch Hashem.

PS: I just realized that my nose is slightly sunburnt. Note to self, buy sunscreen.
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I have, quite possibly, the cutest house in Seattle, if not the whole Pacific Northwest. It's certainly not the biggest or fanciest, but I do love it so! (WAY image heavy.)
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I'll do some interior shots later, when I get the house cleaned up. ;-)

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