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The night after our first RH services, someone tried to break into our synagogue. A screen was ripped off and a window forced open. Thank G-d the aron kodesh was locked! This is just a few days after the synagogue was spray painted with Nazi graffiti.

The next morning, I was asked by our shul's security committee if I still had my weapon and carry permit (I need to get that renewed).   We're asking the Va'ad for a heter that anyone can carry on Shabbos, regardless of eruv status. We have a lot of former IDF (and a few Mossad) vets at our shuls, who always carry. They are going to be teaching gun safety courses for anyone who wants them. I'm looking forward to target practice, but sorry that it's come to this.

In other news, I broke my toe.  On my right foot, the toe next to the big toe. I was at Rabbi T's house, helping move chairs around to accomodate some extra guests.  I stubbed my toe, but didn't give it another thought.  It really started hurting on the walk home.  By the time I got home, it was swollen up and getting a bit purple.  I still just thought that it was maybe jammed or bruised.  The next day it still hurt to walk on.  I doesn't hurt at all when I bend my toes down, but any pressure at all from the bottom pushing up is sharply painful.

I have it buddy taped for now, and I'm trying to stay off of it as much as possible.  Keeping weight off of the toe is going to throw my back out and make my muscle spasms worse.  At the moment it's an annoying throb, and I keep wanting to stretch my foot out and flex my toes.  It's like having an itch you can't scratch.

Of course, moving with a broken toe is not my idea of a good time.  Still, the cockroaches are getting more numerous on a daily basis, and they're giving me incentive to get packed up.  Now that Rivka is in school, she's remembering how nice it is to play with good kids.  She has very little patience for the shenanigans that go on around here, and she tells me she can't wait to get away from the "bad kids".  I'm so happy that she's come to that conclusion on her own.

Still, I'm going to miss Ida, my neighbor across the hall.  She's a trip.  She chain smokes 3 packs a day, she's quite elderly, and she's African American.  She has several paragraphs from the bible tattooed down both of her arms, and if you ask her how she's doing she always says "I"m blessed, I gotta testify!"  Every time I see her she's wearing a different wig, and she drinks beer like it's water.

Her health is not good, so I made sure she has my phone number if she needs anything.  Her daughter lives all the way down in Tacoma, and just lost her job so she doesn't have the gas money to visit as much as she'd like.  If I'm around, I always help Ida bring in her groceries.

Today, Rivka figured out that Ida had health issues, so she got all her friends together and had them make cards for her.  She wasn't home this afternoon, so they pushed the cards under her door.  My kid can be so sweet sometimes.
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Crap.  Now I'm wide awake.

This makes me especially mad  because I spent the entire day cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom.  It's not like I'm leaving a buffet out for them.  Bastages. >:-{
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The lady across the hall from me is disabled, and she gets a weekly food delivery.  She's been spending the last week at her daughters, so they left her box of food on her doorstep (and our hall is only 4 feet wide - our doors face each other.)  Now, living where I live I've come to accept a lot of funky odors, but after a few days it really started getting bad.  We have a rat problem, as well as roaches, so I finally looked into her food box to see what was going on. (I hate going into other people's stuff without their permission.)

Not only was there fresh fruit in there covered with fruit flies, but there was RAW chicken, too!  OMG so gross I nearly lost it.  I separated out all of the canned good that were OK and put them into a clean bag, and then tossed the rest of the box into the dumpster.  Thank G-d the smell is fading now, and it didn't get into the hall carpet.

I don't know what's up with the mold count right now, but it's got to be something spectacular.  I can't leave anything out overnight.  Bread turns blue and green in just a matter of hours.  A coffee cup turns into a petri dish.  It's like green fur is trying to take over the world, and it's starting with my kitchen.  Hard, unripe tomatoes that I put on my windowsill last night have turned into mush, and spawned a huge cloud of fruit flies.  Clorox wipes are my new best friend.

But the ultimate Eeeeeeew?  Yet another reason why I have to clean up after the dog as soon as she's done pooping.  The boys in the apartment building have started having poo wars.  That's right, they are picking up her poop and flinging it at each other.  They think this is hysterical.  I couldn't in a million years make that up.
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I am just not cut out for apartment living. Today, I was sitting in my kitchen, watching the rats scamper in the courtyard.  I mean, I love nature as much as the next person, and I even used to have pet rats at one time.  Still, it was rather unpleasant.  Adding to that, the cockroaches are getting worse.  (I think we're going to have a very cold winter again this year.)

Now, I am trying to get Rivka to bed because she has to get up early for school tomorrow, and the neighbors above me are having A DRUM CIRCLE!  Of all the things to be doing at 9:30 at night, that is just not cool.  Go find a park or something, we need our sleep!

I can't get out of here soon enough.  }:-(


Aug. 23rd, 2009 09:31 pm
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My daughter's friend is over again.  Her parents have company, and they're all drunk.  The girl is staying for a late dinner because she said that "they had food, but it all got eaten up".  D-:  She seems to be hungry every time she comes over.  We can barely afford our own food, but I can't say "no" to her.
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There is a girl in my apartment building who is African American.  She's a bully, and likes to follow the other kids around and insult them.  She'll tell the other kids that their clothes look stupid, that they're fat, a fag, etc.  The other day she told my daughter that she "Had ugly yellow hair".  Rivka, completely not aware of the impact of her words, told her "I don't like brown people".  The AA girl's grandma over heard, and freaked the hell out.

I ended up spending nearly a half an hour over there apolgizing my ass off and explaining to Rivka about how we can have a problem with the way people behave, but NOT the way people look.  We judge people by their actions, and that's the ONLY thing we address.  I also remided her of all the other "brown" people in her life that she loved, and how it would hurt their feelings if they ever heard her say something like that.  (Rivka's best friend in the whole world is black/hispanic, and her mom and I take turns babysitting.)

The next day, the AA girl told Rivka that she "Was an ugly whitey yellow head, and not a human".  Rivka just bit her tongue and walked away.  

It really pisses me off that this girl gets a free pass. 
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The parents of the little girl who was stranded last night are avoiding me.  I thought that her mom would come over and thank me today, but now I think she's just too embarrassed and doesn't know what to say.  I think that's actually a good thing.  She SHOULD be embarrassed, maybe she'll feel bad enough that she will think twice before getting so drunk.  One can only hope.

The girl came over again today to play for a while, but she was back home by 9pm.  I didn't mention anything, and neither did she.  She's such a little sweetie, I just wanted to pick her up and hug her, but she's getting to an age where I'm sure that would make her really uncomfortable.


Aug. 2nd, 2009 11:06 am
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Finally, we got the little girl home.

It was after 2am, and there were no lights on in her apartment and the doors were locked.  No one answered, no matter how hard I knocked.  She says "I think they forgot about me.  I hope my mom's OK".  She said it like this is something she worries about on a fairly regular basis.

We went back to my apartment and I set up a sleeping bag for her.  Instead of being excited about a sleepover, she looked like she was going to cry. "I need my nightgown!" I offered her a t-shirt and shorts.  She was still miserable and worried.  I got her and Rivka and we went back to her apartment and tried the door again.  No luck.  Now she was really going to cry, and I felt SO bad for her.

Our last effort was to go around the building to her bedroom window. (fortunately they are on the ground floor like us.)  The bedroom windows were open, with just a screen up.  I couldn't see anything, and I couldn't hear anything inside.  I started yelling her mom's name through the screen.  Just when I was about to take down the screen and boost the girl into the window, I heard "Uunngh."  She yelled "DADDY!"

A very sleepy and apologetic dad stumbled around to the door and let her in.  I think he had assumed that she was out with her mom, so he went to bed.  I think her mom assumed that her dad would come get her from my place when it was bedtime.  I also think that they were both too drunk to clearly figure out where the hell their daughter was.

I haven't seen any of them this morning.  I'll bet the mom is really embarrassed today.  To be fair, they are really good parents 99% of the time.  It's just once every month or so, the mom gets together with her sister and some friends, and they drink until they can't anymore.  I just hope that nothing worse every happens to them. G-d forbid.

To top it off, I had a bottle of vodka in my freezer and I really wanted a little bit, but there was no way I was going to have even a tiny drink while I'm responsible for other people's kids.  Besides, I was too worried to have enjoyed it anyway.
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My neighbors are drinking, and I have their 7 year old daughter over here playing with Rivka.  She's a really good kid, and she and Rivka are playing nicely right now. 

I'd really like to send the girl home so that I can get some sleep, but I know that everyone over there is drunk off of their ass.  I'm going to wait until they're just about ready to pass out before she goes home so that she doesn't have to deal with too much stupidity.  

I guess I'll take a nap tomorrow to catch up.  

12:33 am  Oh man.  I just went across the courtyard to check in with her parents.  Nobody is home.  They must have gone out to eat or get cigarettes or something.  Nice.  :-/
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There is a 7 year old boy out on the balcony of the apartment above mine.  He's standing there yelling "I'M NAKED!" and waving his penis at everyone.  Most of the little girls down in the courtyard are squealing in fright/disgust.  Rivka looks bored.  LOL!

There are more mosquitoes in my apartment right now than a Mississippi swamp.  Anyone know a good way to get rid of them, besides trying to smack them one at a time? 

I wish it were fall already.  I want to wear a fuzzy sweater and make soup.  
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OK, to start with, I'm not one of those parents who believes that "My little princess would never do anything wrong".  She's a normal kid, of course she's going to do stuff wrong!

There's these 5 year old twins, and on 7 year old in the building who came to me and told me that Rivka shoved one of the twins and called her "ugly".  I asked them if they were sure, and all three of them insisted that they saw it.  Rivka got called over and scolded, and she burst into tears and told me that they were lying.  I had three witnesses, so Rivka got grounded for the rest of the day, and all the while she protested her innocence.

A few weeks later, the same three girls come over and tell me that Rivka did such and such (I don't remember).  I reminded Rivka to be nice, and that if they had a fight then she should apologise and go do something different.

Then the other day, I overhear the girls standing near my window, whispering "What can we get Rivka in trouble for THIS time!"  The little brats were planning on how to get her grounded!  Now, when they come running to my door all breathless with their latest tale of woe, I tell them "Don't play with Rivka if she's not being nice to you.  Go do something by yourselves, then she'll learn that she has to cooperate if she wants to be your friends.  Just stay away from her, THAT will teach her!"

Well, they can't really figure out how their plans got so derailed, so they just have to wander off, looking vaguely confused.  In a minute or so they've completely forgotten whatever imaginary slight they'd cooked up. 

I have no idea why these girls hate Rivka so much, especially the twins.  When we first moved in they'd stand and spit on our sliding glass door and swear at us in Spanish.  THAT stopped when I spoke to their mom about it, IN SPANISH.  The older girl runs hot and cold, and treats Rivka just fine when the twins are not around.
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I finally start feeling better, and I want to get the laundry caught up.  There are two laundry rooms in the building.  Each has two washers and two dryers, but in one, one of the washers is broken, and in the other, one of the dryers is broken.  Everyone and their cousin is washing laundry today, and the baskets are stacked 3 deep waiting for a machine.

Maybe today is NOT the day for me to get caught up.
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Ugh.  One of the boys in my building pulled the fire alarm.  It rang for over an hour.  Finally a cop showed up to see if it was a real emergency.  Of course the kid had disappeared and his parents refused to open the door.  When the cop decided that there was no fire, he left. Because it was not an emergency, it took the fire department another hour and a half to get around to coming over and turning off the alarm.  I have no idea what the building management company was doing, if anything.

The kids thought that is was really cool that they got to see a cop and a fire truck, and the boy who pulled the alarm is now a role model for the rest of them. 

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Damn kids.
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Remember this post? http://hannahsarah.livejournal.com/262986.html ; (some Vorona comments in here)

Well, today, one of the women who was yelling at me to "move the fuck out" has made me and Rivka "honorary Samoans" and gave us hair combs and jewelry made from hand painted coconut shells.  She says she likes me "because even thought you're white, you're Jewish so you have culture".  0_o

A could of weeks ago the woman who called me "a stupid white bitch" confessed that she was really drunk that night, doesn't remember much, and apologized for being so mean.  She asked me to forgive her and gave me a hug.  Now Rivka and her daughter are best friends, and since they are both "only children" they have decided to be sisters. :-)  

I was also told by both women that they don't want me to move out, because they consider me an asset to the building.  I keep the courtyard clean and keep a close eye on all of the kids when they play, not just my own kid.  

It's a beautiful thing when people can work out their differences, I just wish it didn't take 6 months to happen!

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